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Nurturing Teen Dental Health: Advice from Providence Pediatric Dentist | 02903 Pediatric Dentist

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The teenage years herald greater independence, with peers often influencing dietary and lifestyle choices. Despite this shift, it’s crucial for teens to maintain good oral health habits. Here are some tips to foster healthy smiles during this pivotal stage:

  1. Promote Healthy Eating: Teens are frequently on the go, resorting to energy drinks and fast food. Combat dental issues by providing healthy snacks like cheese sticks, fruits, and raw veggies. Keep the fridge stocked with water, coconut water, and sugar-free teas, and swap traditional gum and candy for xylitol-based alternatives.
  2. Advocate Mouthguard Use: If your teen engages in contact sports like football or soccer, emphasize the importance of wearing a mouthguard. Ensure proper care by rinsing the mouthguard after each use, disinfecting it regularly, and storing it in a ventilated container.
  3. Exercise Caution with Braces: Teens with braces must prioritize oral care. Keep essential tools like toothbrushes, floss, and floss threaders readily available. Encourage a braces-friendly diet, avoiding sticky or crunchy foods and chewing gum. Preparing healthy, bite-sized fruit portions with lemon juice or pectin can serve as convenient snacks.
  4. Discourage Oral Piercings: Inform your teen about the dental risks associated with tongue and lip piercings, including tooth damage and mouth infections. Remind them that tongue piercings can lead to chipped teeth and necessitate dental procedures like fillings, extractions, or root canals.
  5. Simplify Good Oral Health: Reward consistent brushing and flossing habits, and equip your teen with dental kits for on-the-go care. Encourage post-meal teeth cleaning or suggest swishing and rinsing until they can brush. Regular dental visits are essential—twice a year—to maintain a healthy smile.

Providence Pediatric Dentist understands the busy schedules of adolescents. Contact us today to schedule your teen’s next appointment. Let’s ensure their oral health journey is both convenient and rewarding.

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